Who We Are

Parenthood: Did you have any idea it would turn your life upside down, inside out and backwards? We didn’t either, which is why we launched Families in the Loop, a hub where moms and dads can let it all hang out. We go where no parent site has gone before, to the heart of what makes moms and dads tick. Sex life in the toilet? We hear ya. Kids eating macaroni and cheese (at least it’s organic) four nights a week? We get it. Need solid advice on career, health, technology, education, food, relationship, and in-law travails? Don’t we all!

Join us on this journey of a lifetime, one with more hugs, vomit, giggles, worries, time-outs, hope, love, and sleepless nights than we ever could have imagined. Together, we’re proving that great parents don’t have to be perfect. In fact, who needs that kind of pressure? Here at Families in the Loop, we’re snorting milk out our noses from laughing so hard and sharing savvy expertise on everything under the sun, all on about two hours sleep.

Families in the Loop: Where Parents Let Loose.

Wendy Widom, President

Wendy Widom is President of Families in the Loop a hub for urban moms and dads. Since its launch in early 2011, Families in the Loop has transformed the parenting scene with feisty and fresh conversations about sex, health, culture, education, food & wine, entertainment, politics, life, and oh yes, our kids!

Wendy writes for multiple outlets, including Huffington PostChicagoNowCheeky Chicago and Chicago Parent. When she’s not raising a ruckus in the parenting world, Wendy is managing community-based marketing campaigns and holding training sessions on multiple topics in her beloved city of, you guessed it, Chicago. She holds a M.A. in organizational psychology from Columbia University.

Melissa Wiley, Managing Editor

A freelance food and culture wordsmith, Melissa Wiley serves as Family in the Loop’s managing editor, culling some of the freshest and funniest parent bloggers out there. She seizes every opportunity to walk barefoot through airport security in pursuit of global opportunities to trip over imperceptible cracks in sidewalks and curse in foreign tongues. She’s also a volunteer veteran at Open Books and an avid dilettante in the fields of harmonica playing, folk dancing, and vaudevillian puppetry. She has a master of arts in writing from DePaul University and 39 bars of Finnish chocolate in her freezer.

Like Wendy’s photo? We do too. It was taken by Julia Franzosa Photography. Check her out, the gal is a genius.