Lance Armstrong Disappoints on Oprah

During last night’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he had used performance enhancing drugs. And that, my friends, was pretty much the only satisfying part of the hour-and-a-half long interview. I wanted to sympathize with Lance. I wanted to feel some sort of compassion for him. But as he evaded Oprah’s questions, parsed her words and rationalized his own egregious behavior, I felt sickened.

This man sued media outlets who said he was doping, even though he knew they were telling the truth. He sued and tried to ruin the lives of the people in his inner circle who came forth, even though he knew they were telling the truth. Lance used words like “whore,” “crazy” and more to describe the wife of a cyclist and his masseuse, all because they told the truth about him. Is he remorseful? Kind of. Does he try to blame the culture of cycling for his mistakes? Totally. Would he even be admitting to all of this if he didn’t want to avoid a lifetime ban on competing? Doubt it.

While Lance acknowledged a few errors here and there, I found his lack of humility or a real sense of remorse pathetic. Whether he is a pathological liar or just a narcissist who thinks he’s above the law has yet to be determined. Perhaps during the next interview with Oprah, she’ll do more than lob softballs so we can all find out.

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