Love is Grand! The Joys of Grandparenthood

Grandparents.  They play a unique role in our lives and in the lives of our kids. After years of adulthood and independence, we begin a family and poof! – we need our parents like never before. Then the tots get older and once again we find the relationship shifting. While there may be differences in child-rearing philosophies, eating habits, geography, religion and more, one thing seems clear: grandparents love our kids like nobody’s business. Since our theme this month, “Hear Me Roar!” is all about the guys, we’re thrilled to share this piece about what it’s like to be a grandfather today.

~By Stevan Lipson, Grandfather (a.k.a. Baba)

What would convince 65-year-old baby boomers to crawl on their knees, wear frilly costumes, wade in urine-infused kiddie pool water, wake up at the crack of dawn to build Lego castles, run alongside a bicycle, play restaurant, and cater to every possible whim of a 5-year-old child, all while enjoying themselves completely? Oh, the joy of being a grandparent! It’s the ultimate relationship in which we give unconditional love and receive endless pleasure.

The best part? We’ve been initiated into a surprisingly delightful secret society of wonder.  Our granddaughter’s visits to our home are packed with non-stop activities where “what happens at Nana and Baba’s house” stays at our house. Sorry mom and dad.

Let me say, first and foremost, that our granddaughter’s parents rightfully get the credit for raising and nurturing a lovely, gifted child. She is imaginative, inquisitive, sensitive, gentle, intelligent, focused, and full of boundless energy. In today’s age of instant and constant communication, we are able to share photos and Skype with each other so that her activities are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

The experience of being a grandparent is truly special. My wife and I get to relive our own early stages of parenthood as we see our granddaughter develop her own unique personality, mannerisms, and interests. We are able to add another layer of affection, protection, and admiration to our lives as our granddaughter’s inner and outer beauty evolves. Being a grandparent is full of joy and surprises. How sweet it is!

Check out this online community for grandparents.  Super cool!

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