Seven Ways to Say Three Little Words

Your kids are the biggest expression of love there is between you and your partner, so including them in your Valentine’s Day celebrations is a must.  Whether you forgo the fancy dinner for two and stay home and have heart-shaped pizza as a family or you just pop into your kids’ preschool for lunch, there are an endless number of ways to say “I love you” to those you love the most.

The Power of a Flower

Every year on Valentine’s Day, my husband gives our daughter a rose, which puts the biggest smile on her face.  The first year he brought one to her at daycare, and she proceeded to show it to everyone in the building.  Read more about the power of a flower for your little girl.

No Babysitter, No Problem

Can’t find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day this year?  No worries!  You can still have a special night together at home — just enlist the kids as impromptu Cupid’s helpers.  Cook the dinner together and have the kids serve you as waiters for a homespun, romantic candle-lit feast.  Here’s how to make it happen.

Sweet Supplementation

Buy your kids a little gift to accompany the mounds of chocolate they’ll be receiving.  A cool necklace like these by Bitty Block and a candy wrapper jewelry-making kit are fun for little girls and tweens.  Or sit down and spend time with your son making this wooden train craft kit. For babies or toddlers, this fun red and white Cat in the Hat stacker toy is adorable.  Or grab this sweet pink hippo stuffed animal made from all-natural materials.  Here are some more ideas for small Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids, all under $20.

Dessert Gone Avant-Garde

Because my family seems to be obsessed with sweets, we like to try out a new dessert recipe every Valentine’s Day.  This year, I think we are going to make these chocolate cupcakes with flaming strawberries. The kids really want to see the flame!

Dinner in Reverse

Turn dinner topsy turvy: Let your kids eat dessert first on Valentine’s Day.  Or be silly and put whipped cream on everything they eat that day. They’ll love it!

Redeemable Quality Time

Give your kids a coupon for a date night.  Do something special just with them that you know you’ll both enjoy.  Mark the date on the calendar now so they can look forward to their special time with you.  Here are five ideas for date night with your little one.

Midday Date

Surprise your kids by showing up at school and taking them out for lunch on Valentine’s Day.  Just call ahead to let the school and teacher know your plans.

What small acts of love are you going to share with your family this Valentine’s Day?  Here’s a sweet treat to get you started: Families in the Loop readers can take 20% off any order at to grab the kids a special Valentine’s Day gift.  Use coupon code FITL20 at check-out.  The coupon expires Feb. 28, 2012.

~By Sue Kirchner

Sue Kirchner is the founder of, an e-boutique, and the blog, where she sells products and shares ideas to inspire busy families to have more fun together.  Sue and her family fun ideas have been featured on ABC Chicago, WGN, and NBC Chicago.  When she’s not working, she is busy acting as CFO (chief fun officer) for her family.

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