Yoga Mantras that Inspire

As most of us know, Chicago is town that loves its yoga. Prenatal yoga, Mommy and Me yoga, hot yoga and more, we’ve got it all. Here, instructor Stefanie Coslow, who received her teacher training certificate from the amazing CorePower Yoga, shares how a mom of two can stay fit and inspired.

Lululemon Bag of Inspirational Quotes

~By Stefanie Coslow, FITL Guru and Chicago Yoga Instructor, CorePower Yoga

I remember the days (vaguely, a foggy, distant memory) when the majority of what I wore was dryclean only.  My professional office attire. And I couldn’t wait till the weekend to be “comfy” in jeans. These days, between being a stay at home mom, and spending a lot of time at yoga studios and gyms, I pretty much live in athletic wear. And those comfy jeans? Holy cow do they feel restrictive!  And, well, there’s one brand of athletic wear that I covet above all else.  Most of us yogis, runners, etc, do.

Lululemon. Style, fit, quality, functionality…’s all there. But, all that aside, I love their philosophies, their mantras. Ever read a Lululemon bag? It’s pretty damn motivational.

▪    Friends are more important than money.

▪    Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment, living in the moment could be the meaning of life (love this!).

▪    Jealousy works the opposite of the way you want it to.

▪    Practice yoga so you can remain active in physical sports as you age (how true!).

▪    Dance, Sing, Floss, and Travel.

▪    Sweat once a day.

▪    The pursuit of happiness is the source of all unhappiness (word!).

And, my all time favorite Lululemon bag quote is… click here to read the rest!


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