July Editors’ Note: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Is it just us, or does it seem hard to believe it’s July already?  And yet, here we are, zooming right into the heart – and heat – of Summer 2011.  With all that’s happening in this fabulous city and with Families in the Loop, there’s no doubt that our theme for July has to be (drum roll, please…) Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

And, wow, are we cranking up the heat this month here at Families in the Loop.  You are not going to believe the amazing (and we do mean amazing!) articles we have for you.  Want to learn about the city’s hottest schools?  Done.  Hot fashion?  Done.  How about hot nursery design, steamy sex questions, and cooling-off your little one’s hot temper tantrums?  Done, done and done!  And that’s only the beginning.

And because we know that, as parents with little ones, we always need a little hotness boost, we’re organizing a few events to make your summer sizzle. Keep a look out for the soon-to-be-announced dates for a class at S-Factor (S-Factor as in pole dancing – you read that right), a beauty event with a top Chicago dermatologist and dentist, and a hot mama/papa bootcamp with expert trainers from Chicago Athletic Clubs.  How fabulous is FITL’s Summer 2011?

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for August 17 – that’s our sex seminar with FITL sex guru Dr. Kerrie Grow McLean.  Yes, we are ”Bringing Sexy Back” to Chicago mamas!  Space for this event is very limited, so please RSVP asap to reserve your spot.

If all that heat makes you hamper for a chill morning, head over to Showplace ICON on July 13th  at 10:30 am with your wee little ones for the first of our BYOBaby Movie Mornings.  We’ve invited our friends at Bump Club and Beyond™ and Neighborhood Parents Network to join us in hosting this monthly movie series for moms and dads with babies.  Now you can watch the super hot summer blockbuster, Larry Crowne, with a warm, buttery tub of popcorn AND other parents just like you. 

FITL’s hot tips for this steamy summer month?  Throw some sunscreen into your bag (or car), add 10 extra-high intensity minutes to the treadmill or elliptical so you can feel extra fly (a.k.a. hot) in your favorite summer bathing suit, and remember… come visit us often at here at www.familiesintheloop or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/familiesintheloop, where we’re making parenthood delightful for Chicago moms, dads and kids.

We love our July partners and contributors!